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Trolling The Trolls and Other Twitter Fun

Here's some highlights from my Twitter over the last few days. I'm told I'm a good follow ;-)

Could #Trump lawyer Michael Cohen get DISBARRED thanks to Stormy Daniels?
There's little doubt an office that oversees attorney discipline will investigate #Trump’s lawyer, after he appeared to ADMIT TO PROFESSIONAL MISCONDUCT

My Reply: Been saying this for months. Now who is the dumb whore?

Tweet: Stormy Daniels is the member of the First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas
My Reply: This is THE most offensive lie I've read about myself to date. Can we please go back to calling me a drug addicted male prostitute from outer space? Thanks!

Tweet: She does things to her body in public that most people wouldn’t even think of doing in private but the left is Gaga over her. Un Fn believable!
My Reply: Well...we all have different talents. Now hand me that ping pong ball and step back. Someone hold my beer!

Tweet: making a woman as busty as you wear a button down shirt is just unfair, but you looked amazing xoxo
My Reply: My top two buttons are always the real heroes.

Tweet: Listen I cant pay u as much as trump did but I do have an unlimited supply of red lobster coupons plus when the deed is done u can tell whoever u want!
My Reply: WHO told you of my weakness for Red Lobster cheesy biscuits!? Clearly there is a mole in my operation!

Tweet: The person running your Twitter is male, right?
My Reply: I've been told I have big balls but I'm definitely a chick.

Tweet: Always think WWJD: well, Jesus hung out with a whore so lets all be like the big man ????
My Reply: Ok! But you're buying the first round! Shots!!

Tweet: I kinda love the fact @StormyDaniels just does not give a single fuck. Her field of fucks is barren and the earth has been salted.
My Reply: This.

Official Team Stormy Stamped Cuff

I have awesome friends! One of them is doing this for me. Check it out:

Official Team Stormy Stamped Cuff
You know you’ve heard of her. Whether you’ve watched her films, seen her hold her ground against the POTUS, or rallied behind her against that one trainer who shall not be named, Stormy Daniels is a force to be reckoned with.

These hand stamped cuffs were designed in collaboration with Stormy herself, signature lightning bolt and all. We wanted to not only show our support for our friend, but help her out in the process. So, 50% of each cuff sale will be donated to Stormy’s CrowdJustice account. Deposit confirmations will be posted to our Facebook page after each deposit.

Cuffs will be released in batches of 50, so it’s first come, first served. Releases will be announced on our social media platforms, so make sure you’re following us. They’re also available for sale with Stormy on her tour!

Made from high quality, food grade aluminum. 3/8in wide x 6 in long. Turnaround time is 7-10 days business days.

Granny 4 Barrel She Likes Guns Video

Yay! One of the music videos I directed (I have a REAL job! Shocking, I know!) was just released! Congrats to my badass loyal and hardworking crew! Love you guys!

Loudwire Interview/Article:
Stormy Daniels on Directing Granny 4 Barrel's 'She Likes Guns'

Granny 4 Barrel - She Likes Guns
Official Music Video Directed By Stormy Daniels:

Behind the Scenes:
Stormy Daniels Directs Granny 4 Barrel's 'She Likes Guns' Video:

A Little Q and A

Question: Hi are you the American whore who wont keep your legs shut or your mouth?
Answer: Yes, I am. Nice to meet ya!

Question: I want to buy you something do you have an Amazon wishlist?
Answer: Why yes I do! Stormy Daniels Wishlist

New Content Coming SOON!

Thank you all for joining! I have some new content coming VERY SOON for you! Look for the updates in April :)

The 60 Minutes Interview and Extras

In case you missed 60 Minutes last night, here's a link to the complete interview:
Stormy Daniels Describes Her Alleged Affair With Donald Trump

And here's links to the bonus/extra clips:
Why The Stormy Daniels Story Matters
How Stormy Daniels Ended Up On 60 Minutes